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Do you accept my insurance? 

Insurance providers are currently not being accepted. 'Super-bills' may be an option in the future if you wish to independently file a reimbursement claim with your insurance provider. Please confirm with your provider if this is an acceptable option prior to committing to services. Otherwise, private pay is the only accepted payment method at the moment.

What payment method(s) do you accept?

Private pay is the most encouraged form of payment through means of: cash, cashier's check, debit/HSA/FSA card, or E-transfer (Zelle and Ivy Pay). While E-payment through third parties (Venmo, googlePay, etc.) may be accepted, you must first waive liability as these payment methods are not always HIPPA compliant.

Are you offering sliding scale rates?

There are rotating sliding scale appointment spots. Sliding scale rates are based on your monthly net income (pay stubs will be required to verify). Sliding scale clients are limited to 10 sessions per treatment round in an effort to provide sliding scale appointment spots to as many as possible. Should you need a sliding scale spot when none are available, you may request to be on a waitlist for the next available round.

What if I cancel or miss my session?

It is important to commit to your treatment on an ongoing basis and respect the time commitment made to your therapist. To dissuade last-minute cancelations or no shows, a debit card will be kept on file and charged 50% of your session charge in such instances. Should this occur more than 2 times, termination of services is at therapist's discretion.

Is there a grace period for appointment times?

Yes, you are given 10 minutes to make it to your session. If no contact is made within the first 10 minutes of appointment time, you forfeit session time and will be charged 50% of your session cost.

Do you provide mobile services?

Yes, if you are not able to make it to office appointments for any of these reasons: agoraphobia, social anxiety, gender dysphoria, safety concerns, medical/health conditions, limited child-care options, or lack of reasonable transportation, you may request field based sessions for an additional cost per session. For instances of parent coaching, in-vivo sessions are preferred and would require mobile services. *During COVID Pandemic, only tele-health sessions available.*

Can I have phone sessions?

During the COVID pandemic, all sessions will be held over the phone. Upon an 'all-clear' and the full lift of the shelter-in-place order, appointments will resume an in-person nature (at therapist's discretion). Telephonic communication will then be reserved to appointment (re)scheduling, discussing logistics, and/or any non-therapeutic needs.

Would I be able to purchase sessions in packages or bundles?

Yes. You may always schedule sessions in advance and complete payment once you arrive for your session. You may also pay in advance in full for up to 4 sessions. Missed or canceled sessions will be forfeited without refund. If you purchase 10 sessions and pay in full in advance, there is a $100 discount; missed or canceled sessions are forfeited without refund.

What happens in the first session?

All initial sessions include an assessing evaluation for your needs and current symptoms or difficulties. Your first appointment will also include reviewing and signing necessary forms to receive services. Due to the time needed to complete and review this, your first appointment will require up to 90 minutes of your time. As the COVID epidemic continues, initial documentation will be emailed to you, but once signed, meeting at a safe open-aired location of your choosing to submit signed documentation will be necessary. 

How do I use the free consult?

The free consult is a 15-30 minute phone call in which logistical details are discussed in order to determine if we are a good "fit". Meaning, we will discuss whether I am the best therapist to work with in order to help you meet your mental health needs and goals.