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A Safe Space

Where there is always a place for you


What to Expect:

Welcome to A Safe Space! I really enjoy the metaphor of therapy being a powerful, all-encompassing mirror: it reflects

not just what you aim

to see, but it also shines light onto the background, the cracks, the flaws, any distortions, or

cloudiness present. All in

all, you will see more clearly.

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It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix; therapy is above all else, a healing process that necessitates participation, commitment, and investment from the client. But in the end, all your efforts and work to make small changes to self-sabotaging behavior and coping with negative thoughts and feelings can bring life-altering results.


As a therapist, I pride myself in the confidentiality and the general skills I can offer you like any other therapist. However, what you can expect with my practice goes beyond the standard therapeutic experience. My practice is person-centered and non-judgmental across several subjects, domains, circumstances, and themes. I also pride myself in being multi-dimensional in identity politics; I am Trans-Affirmative, LGBTQ+ Affirmative, Sex-positive, Body positive, Kink-positive, and more. I speak and can provide services in Spanish as well as in French. I approach the world and my work from a lens of inclusivity rather than exclusivity. We all deserve quality care regardless of how we identify. 

So, if you are in California or Michigan, reach out for your free consult here. I would be honored to be of service! 

Additionally, as someone that has chosen to dedicate their life to this field of work, my primary purpose and motivation has been to help others as much as possible throughout my years on this plane. It is with this same motivation and desire that I introduced an annual charitable initiative in conjunction with my private practice entitled: A Safe Space Cares. Learn how you can contribute to this initiative here!

Limited availability left.

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Office Hours
Thur: 4 PM- 7 PM (PDT)/ 7 PM- 10 PM (EDT)
Fri & Sat: 8 AM- 4 PM (PDT)/ 11 AM- 7 PM (EDT)
Sun-Weds: Unavailable for sessions
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